It comes with ABT’s aero-package that features carbon fiber elements. Thanks to the optional ABT exhaust system, the RS Q8 has a more charismatic voice. ABT’s specialist production facility for customised automobiles brings dream cars back down to tarmaced earth. Let your imagination run free and we’ll put them in motion. Two months after ABT Sportsline unveiled the Audi RS Q8-R, the tuning firm went on to offer several new upgrades for owners of the high-performance Audi Sport SUV, starting with the ABT … 1. ABT has made several changes to the exterior of the SUV to differentiate it from the standard model. And, to commemorate this milestone, ABT has announced a high-performance version of the Audi RS Q8 SUV that makes almost 150 horses more than the standard model. Audi A3 Sedan RM 239,750. These are 23-inch ABT High-Performance GR wheels wrapped in 295/35 low-profile tires. The aero package is a rolling flagship for the skills of our design department. And you can do no wrong with the high-performance GR wheel. So it’s a seriously fast machine, despite weighing over two tons. 2021 is a special year for the Kempten-based aftermarket tuner as it marks its 125th anniversary. Audi RS Q8 owners are unlikely to find their SUV a bit soft: with its 600 hp twin-turbo V8, their vehicle is indeed capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds. That is why ABT will be offering an electronic lowering through a level control for the adaptive air suspension of the Q8. With roughly 590hp and ft-lbs of torque right out of the box, Audi’s twin-turbocharged RS Q8 is already an incredibly potent and competent machine in its stock form. This comes courtesy of an ABT ECU that works in conjunction with a specially-designed intercooler to offer maximum power. VMAX increases to 310 or even 315 km/h are also available. And with its electronically adjustable air suspension, the RS Q8 can be lowered to even greater effect. ABT has retuned and remapped the same engine and it is now more powerful and quicker. The world‘s largest tuner with a unique customer service. It features four 102 mm exhaust tips for a grunt that matches its demeanor. Thanks to our high-tech control unit ABT Engine Control, the RS Q8 now delivers 700 hp (515 kW) and 880 Nm. The side profile looks hot with the addition of skirts, mirror caps, and wheelhouse ventilation. German tuning company ABT Sportsline turns 125 in 2021 and to celebrate it’s producing 125 examples of its new Audi RS Q8-R that takes SUV performance to new heights. ABT Sportsline is known for sweet Audi tune-ups and offers packages for almost all the vehicles in the German automaker’s lineup. We are inclined to believe it’s going to be the RS Q8 for those who need something even more exciting than the SQ7 and/or are not fans of the diesel. For even greater driving pleasure, our engineers have developed a performance upgrade of an additional 100 hp and 80 Nm. You do not want to allow all cookies? Its 3.7-second sprint to 60 mph is quick enough for most, but German tuner ABT saw room for improvement. The Audi RSQ8 is effectively an RS6, only taller, heavier and less pleasant to look at. It dishes out 591 horses and 590 pound-feet of torque. The ABT RS Q8-R was announced earlier this week. Audi ABT RS Q8-R in Knokke-Heist, Belgium Spotted on 2021-04-07 18:14 by Thomaserati The tuner has equipped it with a skirt and lip at the front. You can find more information at There will be special plaques in the cabin that complement the door sills which mention “1 of 125”. The maximum speed of 250 km/h can be increased at the factory to 305 km/h. Audi crowned its range of SUVs with the RS Q8, a high-performance people-hauler that's as fast as it is luxurious. All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed. These cookies enable us to analyse your website usage. Sure, standard Audi Q8s are quick. Thanks to the high-tech control unit ABT Engine Control, the RS Q8 now delivers 700 hp (515 kW) and 880 Nm, putting a tiger in the tank of the 2 tonne beast. A couple of months ago, Audi‘s first-ever Audi RS Q8 broke cover, and now, it can be found in ABT Sportsline’s portfolio, which of course comes as no surprise. The SUV features Audi’s Quattro all-wheel-drive system that’s paired with an eight-speed automatic gearbox. At the same time, comprehensive tests on public roads and on the dynamometer, along with TÜV certification, numerous engine protection measures and comprehensive guarantees ensure optimum reliability and everyday suitability. Audi A6 RM 589,900. 2020 Abt RSQ8-R ( based on Audi RS Q8 ) On this page you can find 20 high resolution pictures of the "2020 Abt RSQ8-R ( based on Audi RS Q8 )" for an overall amount of 94.22 MB. GALLERY: Audi RS Q8-R by ABT Sportsline. In this case, we can deliver the performance upgrade ABT Power S with 740 hp (544 kW) and 920 Nm. Which means that like the RS6, ABT is more than happy to turn its 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 up a notch. Groß, breit, stark. Here you can find all information about our rims. ABT already offers a performance upgrade for the Audi RS Q8, which lifts the outputs from its 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 from 441kW/800Nm to a whopping 515kW/880Nm, enough to gives its Lamborghini Urus sibling a bloody nose. The same mill powers the Audi RS7 Sportback, too. The ABT Engine Control (AEC) increases the performance of the SUV up … A widespread portfolio of car especially for AUDI and VW, 10. ABT Sportsline Exhuast System The ABT Audi RS Q8 features the ABT Sportsline exhaust system that allows you to hear all 600 horsepower even better. All Rights Reserved, Introducing the $1000 TopSpeed Student Scholarship. An electrically controlled exhaust flap on each side of the vehicle and four active pipes create a glorious resonance. Those are healthy gains over the … Audi A4 RM 319,900. Just click on any thumbnail to get the access to the full-size shot. additional ABT ECU with wiring harness, mounting bracket and ABT trunk logo From 591 HP / 590 lb-ft to approx. Furthermore, we offer a sporty finishing touch: A rear spoiler and fender inserts made of carbon fibre, which visually emphasise the dynamic performance of the vehicle perfectly. Add this to the price of the donor RS Q8 and you have yourself a 740-horsepower beast that costs about $200,000. 690 HP / 649 lb-ft Power increase is based on 93 octane fuel. Big, wide, powerful. This is due to its modern manufacturing process – flowforming technology - which allows the rim bed volume to be reduced by up to 50 percent. When German tuning firm extraordinaire ABT was founded 125 years ago, the company was cranking out horseshoes, not weapons-grade luxury vehicles. At the rear, there’s another skirt add-on and a spoiler. We share these cookies. ABT Audi RS Q8 Even experienced auto-testers are amazed at the Audi RS Q8's agility, despite its 2.4-tonne weight. Top quality thanks to motorsport experience, 8. ABT, which has already turned its attention to many of Audi’s core and performance models, has introduced a new optional exhaust system for the RS Q8. And, to commemorate this milestone, ABT has announced a high-performance version of the Audi RS Q8 SUV that makes almost 150 horses more than the standard model. ABT Power Software is used in an additional engine control unit called the ABT Engine Control (AEC). Read everything about our high-quality kits and aerodynamic packages on manufacturer level. But its latest creation, dubbed the Audi RS Q8-R, proves the firm still knows a few things about ponies. An ABT conversion of an Audi wouldn’t be complete with right set of wheels, currently available are ABT FR22 and GR22 wheels, 23" will be offered soon as well. ABT Sportsline is at it again. Finally, the air suspension on the SUV is retuned, too, to sit one inch lower in the comfort mode and 0.6 inches lower in the dynamic mode. Research Audi Cars at . The highlight on the outside is the hot set of wheels. It celebrated its 125th birthday by building an RS Q8 that's nearly as speedy to … Some of these include a steering wheel upgrade, refined armrest and center console, and ABT seat refinement. A special SUV deserves special wheels. As with most of ABT’s creations, it boosts power output of an Audi RS model, the Audi RS Q8 in this case, adding choice aerodynamic updates to match. Audi crowned its range of SUVs with the RS Q8, a high-performance people-hauler that's as fast as it is ABT introduces 740-horsepower Audi RS Q8-R - 198 Automobile News Thursday, April 8, 2021 Nonetheless, ABT Sportsline has set its sights on the luxury German SUV , bestowing the six-figure stocker with a host of cosmetic and performance upgrades. It comprises the following individual carbon fibre elements: Front skirt add-ons, front lip with add-on, mirror caps, side skirts, wheelhouse ventilation, fender extensions, rear skirt add-on and rear spoiler. Then you choose. We turn your personal desires into reality, right down to the final detail, and create unique one-offs in the process – employing select materials, technical sophistication and, of course, real craftsmanship. But ABT has taken things to the next level with the RS Q8-R. The top speed is rated at 190 mph when opted with ceramic brakes, and 155 mph otherwise. With the RS Q8, Audi developed its most impressive vehicle to date and positions it masterfully at the top of the RS family. But after all, the Audi engineers have brought a whole host of refined high-tech solutions to the table – such as steering rear wheels. © Copyright TopSpeed. Audi crowned its range of SUVs with the RS Q8, a high-performance people-hauler that's as fast as it is luxurious.Its 3.7-second sprint to 60 mph is quick enough for most, but German tuner ABT … In stock form, the Audi RS Q8 comes with a 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V-8 engine that produces 591 horses and 591 pound-feet of torque. And so, here is a World Premiere. In addition to its RS performance, this impressive vehicle is capable of extraordinary transformations – both in its driving experience and in its design. The SUV now takes just 3.4 seconds to 62 mph and has a top speed of 196 mph, which is four-tenths of a second quicker and seven mph faster than the optional top speed of the stock RS Q8. Our commitment to bring out the best in every engine is part of ABT’s family tradition. ABT gets ahold of the Audi RS Q8 and now offers upgrades that take the performance crossover to either 691 horsepower (515 kilowatts) and 649 … The brand new 2020 Audi SQ8, here tuned by ABT Sportsline. With all the changes ABT has made on this SUV and considering that only 125 examples of this model will be made, the package could cost north of $80,000. Audi A6 (from 2019) and S6 (from 2020) - Price list - Click here! Safety and a qualified partner of the VW Group, 4. The customer went for an all-black look for the wheels, which is an add-on option on this package. The Audi RS Q8. The most powerful SUV coupé from Audi Sport: the RS Q8 with 441 kW (600 hp) of power. ABT has just announced the release of its Power Upgrade Kit for the 2021+ Audi RS Q8. However, the ABT RSQ8-R does not only display its special status by means of striking details. This particular example is a customer’s model painted in San Marino Blue Metallic shade. Having given the new RS6 Avant and RS7 Sportback the “R” treatment, the German tuner is about to do the same for Audi’s flagship SUV – the RS Q8. These cookies are necessary for the correct display and function of our website. The interior is left to customer’s taste for customization, but ABT offers many changes here. That certainly puts a tiger in the tank of the 2.3-tonne beast. A reliable partner for 120 years, exclusive for VW and AUDI, 2. Year: 2021 (Click HERE for our first drive of the Audi RS Q8) Or two. When the Audi RS Q8 first hit the scene back in November 2019, it immediately jumped to the top of the performance SUV pile, setting a lap time at the Nurburgring that beat every SUV’s before it. Want even more performance? However, there’s always room for more, as the wonderful lunatics at ABT Sportsline have made obvious with the ABT RSQ8-R. Audi A5 Sportback RM 339,900 - RM 377,900.

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