If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. In our WooCommerce Addon, as you can see we have the option to display the Quick View text based on the position which you have selected from the Astra settings.. Below is the screenshot of how the text displays in the front end on the product – You can change this “Out Of Stock” text with the following filter. Steps to Change In Stock Text in WooCommerce to Custom Text Suppose you want to change the text to the custom message – ‘ Product Available on Request’ the following are the steps that you should take: Log in to your WordPress site to access the dashboard and navigate to the Appearance Menu > Theme Editor. Keep in mind that whatever you write in the text editor of the archive-product.php will appear on the shop page, and your customers will see it. If a product have lower price than the actual price, Woocommerce will add sale badge. You can change the WooCommerce shop URL with a filter that WooCommerce provides, this can be helpful especially if you have a one product based shop and you want your users to return to that product and not the default shop page URL. Jump ahead to the code library and add the PHP snippet to your functions.php file. This particular setting is available through the WooCommerce option in the customizer, so you can use it here or use that. Ideally, you may want to change the name sale to some custom name, possibly a translated version for the sales badge. We’ve uploaded a different image for our campaign: It’s easy to change the text, buttons, and more. Usually, the default text displayed on the sale tag is ‘Sale’. You can also change the text of the WooCommerce on sale badge using a filter that I will share in the code below. By default, WooCommerce’s sales badge can look a tad boring. Just replace the ‘New Sale Text Here’ text with your new ‘sale’ text, and then upload the file to your server – it will automatically apply the change throughout your website. Your email address will not be published. Let’s get started by giving you example: 1. This tutorial will show you how to change Select options text in WooCommerce templates. Categories: WordPress Hints & Tips. Today, we’ll be showing you how to remove the ‘Sale!’ … The translated pages are also already live on your site, too. You're signed out. Step 2: Add Product Sale Prices To add sale prices, select the products that … Allows you to create a badge with your own text and set various styling options. badge has been added to the discounted products. Astra adds a text “Out Of Stock” for the WooCommerece products that have ‘Stock status’ as out of stock. Position ↑ Back to top. If you’re looking for more ways to change the WooCommerce sale badge, follow this Divi tutorial to change the text to a percentage value. Share. Do you want to create custom functionality in your Divi site, but don’t know how? Use the PHP snippet to add any custom text to the WooCommerce sale badge. This can increase your click-through rate and hence your sales conversion rate. Divi is a registered trademark of Elegant Themes, Inc. You can even include the coupon straight away like we have, by deleting the email newsletter signup field. Copy below code and paste into theme function.php file. By default, the WooCommerce sale badge displays simply as ‘Sale!’. In the event that products have a lower cost than the real value, WooCommerce will include sale badge. Sales and promotions strategies are great for encouraging your customers to purchase your products. Please let us know in the comments if everything worked as expected. Once you’ve added a sale price, click Update on the product listing. PHP Snippet: How to Translate or Rename a Single String of Text (WooCommerce Plugin) Please note that the ‘woocommerce’ === $domain part in the below snippet gives you exclusive access to WooCommerce plugin strings. How to Change the Cart Button Text on Your WooCommerce Shop Page. One thing that the web development team at WooCommerce might consider is the ability to easily change the default text of the payment button on the Checkout page. Please enable JavaScript on your browser and try again. Here, you can change any aspect of your template by clicking on it. However, if … If you haven’t already, add a Divi Shop module to a page or post using the Divi Builder. Change the WooCommerce Sale Badge to Display a Percentage Discount, Customize the WooCommerce Empty Shopping Cart Page, Add An “Add To Cart” Button To A WooCommerce Shop Module, Change The “Read More” Text of the WooCommerce Button, Display WooCommerce Products in Single Column on Mobile Devices, Create Call to Action Button in the Divi Menu, Add a line of PHP code to the functions.php file in your child theme. The ‘Sale!’ badge can be a bit underwhelming, so changing the display text to something different can give it more of a stand-out feel. The WooCommerce Customizer plugin also allows you to perform other customizations to your shop that you may be interested in. Let us change the Sale badge text from the default “Sale” to “Offer Discount”. WooCommerce adds sale badge to the items that are on sale. To add sale prices, select the products that are on sale, visit the back end of the product listing and scroll down to the Product Data section. www.cloudways.com is using a security service for protection against online attacks. Customize WooCommerce shop page in functions.php; Edit the layout of products loop and apply CSS stylesheet. Info. Replace the default “sale” text for an animated gif; Remove sorting options and pagination; Before you start www.cloudways.com is using a security service for protection against online attacks. Change “Return to Shop” Button text in Woocommerce a WordPress plugin this is quit easy to change it using function hook. Step 3: Create content for your shop page. www.cloudways.com is using a security service for protection against online attacks. ', 'woocommerce' ), __( 'Offer Discount', 'woocommerce' ), $html ); } Customize WooCommerce: Change the Sale Badge to Custom Text Step 1: Add a Divi Shop Module If you haven’t already, add a Divi Shop module to a page or post using the Divi Builder. Here is the Select Options text that you can find on the Shop page or products archive page: We will replace this text with some other text. Change “Return to Shop” Button text in Woocommerce. WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce plugin in the WordPress ecosystem, and for most small and medium sized storefronts, it’s the perfect solution. Sr. Marketing Exec. But part of staying on top is continually improving little things. Display WooCommerce notifications on pages that are not WooCommerce ↑ Back to top [shop_messages] allows you to show WooCommerce notifications (like, ‘The product has been added to cart’) on non-WooCommerce pages. You can click on the Translation Jobs tab to check that your translations have been completed. Feel free to remove it, but be careful because © 2015 - 2021 Divi Space (An Aspen Grove Studios Company), Change the “Sale!” Text of the WooCommerce Sale Badge. In this Divi tutorial, we’ll give you a quick code PHP snippet that’ll let you change the default ‘Sale!’ text to something custom. add_filter( 'woocommerce_sale_flash', 'lw_replace_sale_text' ); function lw_replace_sale_text( $html ) { return str_replace( __( 'Sale! How to Change Woocommerce Continue Shopping Button Text. With just a little bit of PHP, you can change the WooCommerce sale badge text to anything you like! Editing the WooCommerce product text is pretty simple, it just requires a check of the product type, and then according to the product type, you then return the different text you want on each button. WooCommerce adds sale badge to the products that are on sale. How to Use a Custom Sales Badge Icon in WooCommerce Change the Sale badge text in WooCommerce. We hope you enjoyed this snippet! Some People do not like the badge Text and want to change it to something like 50% off Etc. return str_replace ( __ ( 'Sale! The WooCommerce sale badge is effective in alerting customers about a discount, but as this is the WooCommerce core default setting, it looks a bit overdone and commonplace. First off, you have options to change the cart button text on the four types of products. You would like to change “Out of Stock” to “Sold Out” Child themes are incredibly important for the overall look, feel, and navigation of your website, so we encourage you to take the time to get to know the content. This process is automatic. Some people don’t like the default sale badge text and need to change it to something like 50% off etc. With that line, you can’t translate strings generated by your theme or other plugins. You would like to change “In Stock” to “Available” 2. Watch later. To do this, add the below code snippet in the functions.php file of your activated website theme. To edit any of the automatic translations, use the WooCommerce » WooCommerce Multilingual page. Storefront’s appearance can be adjusted with a few clicks using the WordPress Customizer. As a shop owner, you might want to change the Quick View text. WooCommerce: Display a Custom Product Text Badge @ Shop Page This will help your web design and development processes tremendously. Paste the following filter into child theme’s … Change WooCommerce Out of Stock text Read More » Originally published at www.xadapter.com on March 5, 2018. If you want to give your online store some pizazz, you can tweak WooCommerce to change the sale badge text. February 23, 2021. So below are the filter based on the position to change the Quick View text – The options really are endless when you start working with code! We receive a number of requests from customers who want to replace the text. It looks like a simple button-looking badge with the word ‘Sale!’ on display. Troubleshooting Shortcodes ↑ Back to top. If you are not using shop or name it something like back to home or store. add_filter( 'woocommerce_return_to_shop… While this text is self-explanatory and to the point, it can be dull, and it’d be great to show improved sale badges for WooCommerce. Read more about these various methods you can use to add custom CSS to your Divi theme, as well as better understand the pros and cons of each method. Now, when you view the front end of your site, you’ll see that the text has changed from ‘Sale!’ to ‘Custom!’. When finished, click Update File to save your changes. So today, we are demonstrating how to change sale badge text to something you like. You can make the sale badge display any custom text you like, simply change the word Custom! A client asked me to add a “Free Shipping” notice under each WooCommerce product on the Shop Page. In this article, we will be seeing how to change the Quick View text using a filter. In this Divi tutorial, you’ll get a short PHP snippet of just a few lines that’ll change the sale badge text for WooCommerce. Navigate to the Appearance > Theme Editor console and locate the functions.php file in your child theme. How to change “Select options” text . Whether you’re running a holiday promotion or want to move excess stock, listing select products for sale is easy with WooCommerce. Copy and paste the code below to edit the WooCommerce button text on the WooCommerce shop and category list pages, and add it to your child theme or Site Customization plugin. This snippet will let you change the text to “Donate Now”, “Add Product”, “Buy”, or whatever you like. But changing simple things like the Add To Cart button text can be frustrating if you don’t know how to do it.. Changing the verbiage on your Add To Cart button is one of the less painful changes to administer. The position options allow you to place the badge at the top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right of your product images. Your email address will not be published. Tap to unmute. You can now visit your WooCommerce store to see the translated pages. If you do not already have a child theme set up, you can download one for free using the Divi Space Child Theme Generator. See bottom of the post for a link to the plugin that allows users to change it to whatever their preference is. Edit default columns count per row; Apply CSS Style to the shop page; Edit the loop files of the WooCommerce shop page. If you’re not fully clued up on what child themes are or how to use them, read our comprehensive guide to child themes. Here you can use some coding to work your magic with your shop page. Copy and paste the following code before the closing PHP ?> bracket: Add PHP code to the functions.php file in your child theme. The service requires full cookie support in order to view this website. Copy link. Log into the host control panel (cPanel), go to File Manager: Locate the root directory of wordpress site. To anything you like. When editing or creating these files, you need to put them in the folder wp-content/languages/plugins/woocommerce/. add_filter( 'gettext', 'woocommerce_rename_coupon_field_on_cart', 10, 3 ); add_filter( 'gettext', 'woocommerce… Licensed under the GNU General Public License, no warranty; click here for details. Text. All you have to do is enter a sale price in the Product Data section, and instantly, a ‘Sale!’ badge will appear on the product listing. Please enable cookies on your browser and try again. If you think this code saved you time, we will be happy to receive a comment! Repeat this step as many times as you like, adding sale prices to discounted products. WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform on WordPress, and one of the most used e-commerce platforms overall. Looking to skip the step-by-step Divi tutorial? Today, i would like to share how you actually can change default “In Stock” or “Out of Stock” text at WooCommerce product page. add_filter( 'gettext', 'change_woocommerce_return_to_shop_text', 20, 3 ); function change_woocommerce_return_to_shop_text( $translated_text, $text, $domain ) { switch ( $translated_text ) { case 'Return to shop' : $translated_text = __( 'Return to Store', 'woocommerce' ); break; } return $translated_text; } Shopping. Click on the General tab and you’ll see an option to enter a Sale Price. We have tested this code with the Version: 4.7.1 of the Divi Theme. You can edit them or create your own language file with poedit. Divi users can choose between five different methods to add custom CSS to their websites. With just a little line of PHP, you’ve successfully changed the WooCommerce sale badge text. There isn’t a setting to change the text by default in WooCommerce but you can add the code below to your functions.php file in your active theme folder. Go to WooCommerce > Settings and click on the Products tab to ensure the correct Shop page is linked in the Product Archive/Shop drop-down If you still see the text in breadcrumbs or widgets, you will need to change it using a translation plugin, or custom function: Show How Many Products are Displayed per Page. Receive notifications about our new blog posts. In a previous tutorial, we showed you how you can change the WooCommerce sale badge text to display as something custom, like ‘Flash Sale!’, ‘Act Fast!’ or similar. The service requires full JavaScript support in order to view this website. There are four ways you can add JavaScript or jQuery to a Divi website: use the code module, the Divi Theme Options console, enqueue scripts using the functions.php file, or using a plugin. This website is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Elegant Themes. License: This snippet contains code from the Divi Theme, copyright https://elegantthemes.com,  and Woocommerce Plugin by Automatic modified by Divi Space, October 29, 2020. That’s why we’ve made it super easy to build a child theme for Divi or Extra in seconds! Helpful when you use other shortcodes, like [add_to_cart], and would like the users to get some feedback on their actions. WooCommerce. This WordPress plugin allows you to easily customize WooCommerce button text without having to write any code or change any templates. Setup and Configuration Settings for Storefront are in the WordPress Customizer, which can be accessed from two locations: On the frontend, in the Admin bar, go to: Customize On the backend Dashboard, go to: Appearance > Customize The Customizer displays: Storefront Settings Below is a […] Stay up to date with the latest Divi Space news, updates, special offers and more! You can also change the sales badge text. If you leave them in the main woocommerce languages folder they will be delete and replace by new one … The filter to use is aptly named – woocommerce_return_to_shop_redirect – add in your themes functions.php. Ipshita Biswas. While this is effective in letting your customer know some products are discounted, it does look a bit commonplace. In this example, I’ve used the text ‘Save Now!’ to alert customers that there are guaranteed savings on the set products. Open up the functions.php file of you theme and add the following filter: add_filter('woocommerce_sale_flash', 'woocommerce_custom_sale_text', 10, 3); function woocommerce_custom_sale_text($text, $post, $_product) { return 'ADD YOUR TEXT HERE'; } This will change your text. Well, that’s easy. Offset ↑ Back to top. It would be great to change this ‘Sale!’ text to something unique, text that encouraged a bit more urgency to it, such as: While there is no easy way to change this ‘Sale!’ text in the WooCommerce plugin on the back end, there’s a quick code fix for this. New language must have the language "slug" at its end, i.e: woocommerce-fr_FR.mo (po files remains woocommerce.po). Paste the following code in the function.php file of your activated website theme. Here are a couple of PHP and CSS snippets so that you can implement this helpful edit. You will be redirected once the validation is complete. Code. Instructions: Add this code to your theme’s functions.php file or in a site-specific plugin. By default, the WooCommerce sale badge displays the text ‘Sale!’ when a product has been discounted. We added extra text blocks to our popup to give the coupon code: Submit your snippet request by commenting below and our team of expert developers will get to work! Allows you to insert your own code for a badge, this option requires coding knowledge. Are you looking for a way to change the default “add to cart” button text in WooCommerce? In place of ‘My sale text!’, add the text you wish to see in place of ‘Sale’. When complete, return to the front end of your store and you’ll see a Sale! ', 'woocommerce' ), __ ( 'New Sale Text Here', 'woocommerce' ), $html ); 4. } Required fields are marked *.

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